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Vapex’s Radical Odour Control Technology is a vapor phase treatment that treats odours, remediates surface fats, oils, and grease and mitigates microbial induced corrosion.


The centerpiece of the Vapex technology is a the patented three-fluid nozzle that produce less than 5 micron-sized water particles. The water particles combine with ozone, a strong oxidant, to produce the second most powerful oxidant known – the hydroxyl radical.


The high oxidation potential of hydroxyl radicals lessens the need to generate a large amount of ozone, consequently, the units are small in size, energy efficient, and highly effective in oxidizing odorous compounds including sulfur compounds (Hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl sulfide, Methyl mercaptan, etc.), nitrogen compounds (Ammonia, Methylamine, Indole, Skatole, etc.), and aldehydes (Acetaldehyde, Butryaldehyde, etc.)


The unit treat odours in the space where the odours are generated. Consequently, there is no need to transport, treat, and positively expel air into the atmosphere. Furthermore, since Radical Odour Control Technology needs only air, electricity and water to generate the oxidants there is no need for costly chemicals addition or replenishment.

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Vapex hydroxyl fogging for sewer pump station odour control
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Vapex Odour Control system standard sizes

Vapex technology oxidizes odorous compounds where they are generated. Combining ozone and micron-sized water particles produces hydroxyl radicals that react quickly with odorous compounds like reduced sulphur compounds, amines and ketones.

This technology is customisable to meet varying installation requirements and can be installed indoors or outdoors. The hydroxyl radical fog results in almost instantaneous odour reduction.

Fats, Oils & Grease Prevention

Vapex technology remediates Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) by breaking the double carbon bonds, FOG does not reform downstream. By reducing and eliminating surface Fats, Oils and Grease odours are also decreased significantly.

FOG decreases capacity and affects process in addition to being expensive for removal and disposal. Continuous treatment prevents Fats, Oils and Grease from collecting on the surface of the process water and walls.

Disinfect & Decrease Rate of Corrosion

Vapex oxidation process eliminates biofilm on surfaces that lead to costly infrustructure destruction. Surface pH in wet wells can be as low as 1, however the powerful oxidant fog covers the entire surface killing Thiobacillus, the bacterium that converts H2S to Sulphuric Acid, raising the pH and preserving infrustructure.

In addition, the hydroxyl radical essentially kills all bacteria and viruses disinfecting the treatment area.