During the project development stages Emission Treatment Solutions work closely with both consultants and clients to ensure that they remain up to date with technology developments and aid with technology selection.


Our tenders are second to none, covering in detail what we are offering with a complete technical description as well as preliminary drawings, calculations, project timeline and of course a detailed price schedule.


On award of the project we work closely with the client to make sure that the odour control design interfaces not only with any existing assets but also with any new assets that may be being installed alongside our equipment. Using a combination of 3D and 2D design software we are able to ensure minimal interference points and a seamless assembly. Furthermore all of our calculations are readily available for review.


During project construction safety, environment and quality are paramount in everything we do, which means that you can be assured that the project will be delivered with minimum distraction. All of our sub-contractors are fully certified and have experience delivering projects across Australia.

Commissioning and Performance Testing

Commissioning and performance testing are critical to the completion of any project, understanding this we make sure that punch lists are completed and that the system is operating effectively before committing to what can be costly performance testing regimes. We pride ourselves on hitting our targets and won't be walking away until we are satisfied that the outcome is as guaranteed.