We Offer:

Operational Audit

For a small fee we can attend site and carry out a complete operational audit of the equipment to determine if any short term maintenance is required to ensure that performance is not compromised. This may include:

  • Air flow spot checks

  • Inlet and outlet H2S spot checks

  • System Pressure Measurements

  • pH samples as required

  • Condition and levels of consumables

  • Physical checks of the system fan/s, housing, duct, dampers and general operation

  • Check of controls and instruments

  • Gas Train inspections

  • Comprehensive report and quote to rectify/repair any identified issues or replace any consumables.


Ad-Hoc Maintenance:

Our service technicians will attend the site and carry out any maintenance required either as scoped by the asset owner or as a result of the ‘Operation Audit’. Our technicians are fully qualified electricians who can if required isolate and disconnect instruments etc. in order to make any repairs.

Preventative Maintenance Contract:

ETS offer a comprehensive service agreement (12 months or longer) where-by we take on the responsibility of ensuring the optimal operation of the APC. This service is highly geared towards clients with multiple installation were we can leverage economies of scale to reduce the price of the program. We will tailor a service program to ensure that:

  • first and foremost ensure that the system maintains maximum up-time

  • all consumables are replaced before any possible odour breakthrough

  • that instruments are all maintained and calibrated

  • regular reports are published giving historic trace-ability in the event that an odour complaint is lodged

Depending on the sensitivity of the application the service frequency can set from weekly to as far as 3 monthly to ensure that any operational issues are rectified as soon as possible.

Back to Base Alarm:

ETS provided back to base alarm and text alarm systems can be retrofitted to existing control panels to allow remote access or alarms. This service when combined with fixed rates for emergency dial in and call out services offers unprecedented levels of assurance that the APC will achieve maximum operational up-time.